5 great products from Green Mountain Coffee

Jammie McClure

Following are just a few of the innovative products that come from Green Mountain Coffee: Emeril's Gourmet Coffee The king of Bam!, this world-renowned chef has his own line of signature coffees. Brought in from all over the world, his versions of Green Mountain Coffees are excellent. If you're a vanilla lover, you'll love Emeril's Vanilla Bean BAM!, which comes in the convenient K-Cup pods. Next in line is Emeril's blend of Green Mountain Coffee known as the Big Easy Bold K-Cup, a brash Parisian roast that is dark, rich and hearty. Finally, there's Emeril's Jazzed Up Decaf, which offers coffee lovers a smooth, satisfying cup without any of the caffeine. It's a great treat just before bedtime. Green Mountain Coffee Cinnamon Cream Swirl Who doesn't love the flavor of a fresh baked cinnamon bun with just a hint of butter and lots of creamy frosting? Now you can enjoy that in coffee form with Green Mountain Coffee Cinnamon Cream Swirl. It's as if you're drinking one of the most flavorful cinnamon buns ever created. It is decadent, especially with just a touch of cream or milk. And yes, you can even taste the icing.

Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla Iced Coffee Iced coffee is big these days and Green Mountain Coffee has created a terrific drink that captures all the best qualities of iced coffee. Packaged in the convenient K-Cups, the coffee is a blend of rich roast with a lovely taste of exotic vanilla, all wrapped in a creamy, sweet package. It's perfect anytime of the year but really great during a hot summer's day. Green Mountain Coffee Taste of Vermont Basket If you have someone special in your life or simply want to feel a bit special yourself, Green Mountain Coffee has a line of wonderful gift baskets. One of our favorites is the Taste of Vermont Breakfast Basket, which has a delightful mix of all the best the state has to offer. This includes maple butter and maple syrup from Highland Sugarworks; Raspberry Preserves from Side Hill Farm; a tin of Lake Champlain Fair Trade Organic Cocoa. Mitzi's Maple Granola made out of Stowe, Vermont. Of course, the basket includes Green Mountain Coffee's own Vermont Country Blend and Breakfast Blend coffees.

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