Advantages of Single Cup Coffee Brewers

Alex Nikitin

Obviously the most advantageous aspect of a single cup coffee maker is the ability to make one cup of coffee and not have to pour the remainder down the drain. This makes it possible to have a cup of hot, freshly brewed coffee anytime of the day or night without making a full pot or trying to break the measurement down to one or two cups for a full-size coffee maker. Single cup coffee brewers also make is possible for offices and businesses to offer fresh coffee to clients without having to discern whether or not the coffee in the pot is fresh. Coffee lovers know that there is nothing worse than old coffee. Single cup coffee brewers insure that clients always have fresh coffee and in a very short period of time. In addition to being able to offer fresh coffee anytime, single cup brewers also allow for a wide variety of coffee and hot beverage options to be available without the need for more than one coffee maker. Simply put, decaf coffee drinkers, flavored coffee drinkers and even hot tea drinkers can all get a fresh, hot beverage from the same maker very quickly, typically in about a minute or two for each one to be brewed and the water reheated for the next brew. The variety of hot drinks that can be made with single cup brewers is perfect for dinner parties and people who have different opinions in how coffee should taste. There are many types of coffees, teas, and other hot beverages available for use in single cup brewers that allow everyone to have their own specific drink. Guests will be impressed with the choices they are offered. Another aspect of the single cup brewer that makes it advantageous over traditional coffee machines is use and clean up. A traditional coffee maker requires a filter basket and ground coffee, which, as most everyone knows can be messy when spilled. After the coffee brews, the filter basket needs to be emptied to keep the coffee from becoming bitter.

Finally, there is the coffee pot which becomes stained over time and has to be cleaned diligently to remove the coffee stains. Single cup brewers eliminate all of these cleanup issues. A special coffee container, either a pod or plastic cup-like unit, is placed in the unit. The coffee brews directly into a cup or mug and the pod or plastic cup are then disposed of in the trash. There are no loose coffee grounds to deal with and not wet filters to empty. Coffee pots are replaced with coffee mugs or cups and so there are not coffee pot stains to contend with over time. Less clean up, more variety, fresher coffee and no wasted coffee are all the reasons needed for choosing a single cup coffee brewer instead of a traditional coffee maker for the home or office. There are many sizes and types to choose from and an even larger variety of hot beverages to use with these machines. The choice is simply a matter of use and taste. The end result is a perfect cup of coffee day or night with no work or mess involved.

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