Citrus Teas

Citrus Teas

Alex Nikitin



Citrus Tea - Buy Fruit Teas Flavored with Oranges, Lemons ...

Flavored Teas are becoming more and more common as people embrace the health benefits of tea.  By adding a flavor that has a refreshing delightful aroma as well as a lightly sweet taste tea blender can make tea that has wide appeal.  Many non-tea drinkers even enjoy the light sweetness of a citrus tea.  Because it has a natural sweetness, people who would normally have their Tea with honey or Sugar often skip it because the delicate flavor and sweetness are just enough to be pleasing to their palate. 



Lemon tea is also a very common citrus tea.  Because lemon flavor can be acidic it is often prepared using Green or White Tea so the acidity is not over-powering.  Lemon tea is fantastically refreshing when served iced on a hot day, but personally I prefer it hot on a cold blustery day.  The tea is soothing to raw throats and the steam helps open clogged nasal passages.

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