Coffee Sweetener Trivia

Jammie McClure

Brown sugar just has the natural molasses still intact, which makes it moister and gives your coffee a different flavor than white sugar does. You can get light, dark or even darker demerara brown sugar. Honey Liquid honey is luxurious in coffee and has a taste much different than sugar does. As a liquid it does blend nicely in hot coffee, but when stored at room temperature it does have a tendency to harden up over time. A little heat, and your bottle of honey will go back to being runny and delicious. Artificial Sweeteners They may save you some calories, but artificial coffee sweeteners aren't always that great an option. Splenda and Nutrasweet are the most common brands (containing sucralose and asparatame, respectively), and there have been some studies that neither chemical is particularly good for you. Of course, diabetics may have no choice but if you can use more natural sweeteners, you probably should. Stevia You may not have even heard of this one, but stevia is one of the latest additions to options in sweeteners. It comes in liquid or powdered form, and it's from a naturally sweet herb that actually contains no sugar at all. It's far sweeter than sugar, has no calories, and won't alter your blood sugar levels.

Unlike sugar or honey, stevia doesn't really add any flavor to your coffee just sweetness. Syrups Now, syrups do more than just sweeten your coffee, they add richness and flavor as well. Davinci, Torani and Monin are the best brands for quality coffee syrups. You can get several dozen different flavors from pumpkin pie, almond mocha, strawberry and even peanut butter. Some of these syrups do come in sugar-free, which means they are artificially sweetened and the comments above can apply. Just a note: coffee itself is virtually calorie-free but adding too much sweetener of any kind (except for Stevia) will quickly add a lot of extra calories to your drinks. Many people see coffee as being "diet friendly" and forget that even a single pouch of sugar will add a lot of calories especially if you drink 3 or 4 cups with sugar each day.

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