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Alex Nikitin

Popularizing a common African tea, Flavored Tea now offers a mixture of Rooibos tea, meaning "Red Bush" and popular throughout South Africa, with Tahitian vanilla and cinnamon. While sachets are available for all black, green, and herbal infusion varieties, there are also loose leaf options for Earl Grey Lavender teas, Chai, and Vanilla Rooibos teas. Orange Blossom - another green tea type - blends jasmine green tea with goji berries. Another version offered by Flavored Tea is the Berry Blossom which is a loose leaf white tea. There is also the Calm Chamomile Rose Loose Leaf Herbal Tea. Flavored Tea brings to customers a Mambo Loose Leaf Herbal tea which is an herbal infusion which complements options such as English Breakfast.

No matter your tea of choice, many companies offer several varieties of black teas, green teas, white teas, and herbal teas in loose tea, filter bags, tea latte concentrates, as well as ready-to-drink bottles.

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