How to Choose the Right Coffee Machine | Right Coffee Machine

How to Choose the Right Coffee Machine | Right Coffee Machine

Alex Nikitin
Why will the coffee be consumed?

Your guests probably drink coffee in lots of places.  Just as the reasons for choosing foods vary, so do reasons for consuming coffee.  Will your guests enjoy preparing their own beverages from pods or k-cups?  Perhaps the coffee will be served to them so that conversation will not be interrupted.  Consider how the appliance will fit into your setting.

In conclusion, choosing a coffee maker need not be a daunting task. Any coffee machine you use is going to yield lots of delicious, hot coffee suited to your own tastes.  Simply consider the who, what, where, and why of coffee consumption and you can’t go wrong!

Who (and how many) will drink the coffee?

Perhaps you are the only coffee drinker in your house. You make one cup each morning from the same coffee mug, and you’re all set for the entire day.  Look for a single serve pod brewer or an auto serve pod brewer.  You’ll be pleased with the quick time it takes to brew your cup and that no coffee is wasted or left to scald on the burner.  On the other hand, you may drink coffee in a home or office where several people need freshly brewed coffee sporadically throughout the day.  In this case, consider a ten-cup brew station which accommodates a small crowd without the hassle of a carafe.


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