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Alex Nikitin

The Bunn AutoPOD Pod
This unit is among the most desired single serve brewing devices because of its high-tech design and multiple features. The commercial grade version is ready to use out of the box.  Even better, the unit holds up to 25 used pods, and prevents unwanted messy waste.

The Grindmaster Pod Coffee Maker and Commercial Precision Coffee Brewer
This unit may look simple, but it uses infusion technology to produce up to 8 oz. of delicious hot coffee.  The settings allow the user to choose from mild, medium, or strong coffee and even tea.

Bunn My Cafe Velocity Brew Pod Brewer
Finally a pod brewer versatile enough for home or organizational entertainment or commercial use!  The dual water system allows the unit to be plumbed in or manually filled. In just one minute, the Bunn Café Velocity Brew Pod Brewer will produce hot fresh pod brewed coffee.  We love the particularly high end sleek design without the high end price!

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