Tea Pots

Tea Pots

Jammie McClure

There are a wide variety of Tea Pots available at almost every price point.  One can purchase a good quality tea pot for as little as $7.00 or as much as $600.  They come in a variety of materials: glass, porcelain, silver, etc.  They can also be found in a range of sizes, from the perfect size for one cup of tea to enough to entertain with, there is no shortage of variety.


Tea Pots are not used to boil the water used for tea, but for steeping and serving the tea.  One variety of tea pot that is becoming more popular is somewhat similar in concept to the French Press for coffee. 


One of the classic images associated with Tea Pots is a sterling silver tea service.  They can really be amazingly beautiful.  But are also a lot of work to care for, silver requires regular polishing and cleaning so as not to tarnish. 

Tea Pots make great gifts for a tea drinker especially when paired with a nice blend of Tea and perhaps some cookies.  It is a wonderful way to encourage someone to take time for his or herself and savor the moment as well as a cup of Tea

A very popular kind of tea pot for gift giving is a single serving size tea pot that comes with a mug, and the pot sits on top of the mug.  This way, the tea pot takes up less space and serves to help keep the cup of tea warm in case the drinker becomes distracted or busy.  These types of pots can be found in simple designs in any color imaginable or they can be more stylized and found in almost any theme imaginable.

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