Use Spice instead of Sugar


Following are some of the more popular options available if you are thinking of using spice in your coffee instead of sugar:

Cinnamon: With its distinctive flavor, this is a great starting point, especially if you’re using spice in your coffee instead of sugar for the first time. Use it with a bit of creamer to knock the sharper edge off and believe us,  you will be glad you started spicing your coffee.

Nutmeg: With its woody flavor, nutmeg is smoother than cinnamon. It' a nice addition during the holidays.

We should note that when using spice in your coffee, a little goes a long way, especially if you’re using good spices. So go easy at the beginning and add to it slowly.

Cocoa: With its mocha overtones, you can’t go wrong with cocoa when using spice in your coffee. Just be sure to use real cocoa and not a chocolate milk mix that has sugar in it.

Vanilla: This is a terrific choice for using spice in your coffee and many flavored coffees loaded with sweetness try to capitalize on its popularity. A drop or two of extract or a single vanilla bean added during brewing will do the trick. Don’t think for a moment that using spice in your coffee is limited to a single spice either.

Pumpkin Spice: This is a nice mix of ingredients that works as well in your coffee as it does in your pumpkin pie. It smells and tastes like Autumn.

Create your own: If you want to create your own ways of using spice in your coffee instead of sugar, combine flavors. For example, some cocoa along with some nutmeg and a touch of cinnamon can create a great coffee beverage and you won’t even miss the processed sugar.  If using spice in your coffee instead of sugar is absolutely out of the question because you crave sweetness in your coffee, add some honey instead of sugar. Though not often used in coffee, a clover honey may add just enough sweetness so you can get your fix. As you can see, using spice in your coffee is a great solution if you’re counting calories, worried about becoming diabetic or simply need to get some sugar out of your diet.

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  • Alex Nikitin
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