Holiday Coffee and Cake Bundle

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Coffee Cake and 2 bags of coffee (Medium Roast)
Coffee and Cake with 2 bags of coffee. Dark Roast
Coffee and Cake with 3 bags of coffee. 74.99

Send family or friends a sweet twist on Christmas with our gift of coffee and My Grandma's coffee cake.   Send two or three bags of coffee with my Grandma's coffee cake.  Delicious.  This is a favorite.

Perfect for a holiday-weekend dessert party, the collection also makes a delicious addition to the holiday's traditional coffees available.  The coffee is our roasters favorite choice of the month this year.

The type of cake variety may vary according to availability.  It will be Cinnamon Walnut, Cinnamon, Blueberry, Apple, Pumpkin, chocolate chip, or another one of My Grandma's best cakes.  

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