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Give the gift of better mornings with a membership to The Coffee Club. The Gift Subscription is one of our finest gifts.

— a monthly half bag, which makes about 15 cups of coffee, is $9. It’s also the person who is curious about trying new coffee and wants , our master roaster will select a special coffee from another country.

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One of our specialties is serving the hospitality industry. Many Bed and Breakfast, hotels, inns and casinsos serve our coffee.

It is because, we are passionate about roasting small batch coffee with a flavor to remember. We believe that every customer deserves great coffee and premeir customer service.

Our beans are sourced from small growers around the world in order to provide the best possible flavor profile in every cup. Whether you're looking for a light and bright coffee to wake you up in the morning or a rich and robust blend to enjoy after dinner, we have something for you.

It is our intent, to provide hotel and BED AND BREAKFAST owners with a luxury quality coffee freshly roasted, so your guest will look forward to coming back to your inn.

Bed And Breakfast Collection

Sacred Grounds

Sacred Grounds

Native American Coffee

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Coffee of The Month

Colombian coffee is a classic favorite among coffee drinkers and it's only fitting that for January, our coffee of the Month is Colombian coffee".

This specific roast comes from recognized producers in Colombia ensuring that the beans used for brewing come from the most trusted sources. Its flavor profile is rich and chocolatey, making it an ideal selection when seeking out something to bring a burst of flavor to your morning routine. So why not add a little spice to your daily cup of joe? Enjoy some Colombian coffee today!

Colombian Coffee

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