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Wolfgang Puck Coffee 0

Wolfgang Puck coffee is a line of coffees deemed high enough in quality and taste to be able to carry the Wolfgang Puck name. One of the finest chefs in the world, Wolfgang Puck coffees have been tested to meet his stringent taste expectations and will fulfill the coffee tastes of even the most demanding coffee drinkers. Wolfgang Puck coffee is an extension of one of the best names in the culinary world. It is coffee that has been blended to meet the extraordinary tastes of an extraordinary chef. His coffees are found in his fine dining restaurants as well as in fine hotels around the world as part of this in-room coffee program.

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Where to Find Rare Coffee Beans 0

Where to find rare coffee beans can be the million dollar question unless one knows how to research the Internet and visit to stay on top of the latest coffee news. Coffee forums and blogs are another great way to find rare beans and enjoy a special cup of coffee. Knowing where to find rare coffee beans is knowledge that true coffee connoisseurs seek. Some of the most sought after coffee beans are hard to find and in such limited quantities that they are not accessible to just anyone.Typically the reason is that they are priced beyond what the average coffee drinker is willing or able to pay for coffee beans.

The first step is identifying coffees that are considered rare or gourmet. There are coffee websites devoted to coffee products that Marley Blueoffer direct links to some of the highest quality coffees in the world. 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is one of those coffees. Over the last few decades, this coffee has gained a reputation as one of the most sought-after coffees in the world. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is in high demand and prized by coffee lovers around the world. Coffee lovers have many forums on coffee websites where they discuss their coffee bean sources and how they find the beans that are among the rarest. One way that they have discovered that works is to join a coffee club.

Rare Coffee BeansThese clubs often have access to beans that aren't available to the public and offer them when they become ready. If the consumer likes the new bean they are offered the opportunity to purchase them. Another way to find rare coffee beans is to research coffee plantations online and contact them directly or through a coffee websites that could have a direct connection to the plantation and be able to acquire the beans when other people cannot. Coffee retailers often have distinct and special relationships with coffee roasters and distributors that are helpful when searching for rare coffee beans. Not all gourmet coffee beans are rare or difficult to find. Online coffee retailers typically have a huge selection of gourmet coffee beans that can't be purchased in local stores. These beans are from top bean plantations around the world from areas like Sumatra, Indonesia, Africa and other coffee growing areas. Coffee sites typically offer a listing of where the coffees originate along with a description of the typical flavors one can expect from the coffee.

When looking for gourmet coffees or rare coffees it is important to make sure the coffee site is well-established and known for its products and services. Many fly-by night coffee sites claim to sell rare or gourmet coffee beans but are actually repackaging inferior beans and scamming the public. Research the sites before making a gourmet purchase or a rare coffee bean purchase that is costly only to find out that the beans are poor quality beans. Knowing where to find rare coffee beans is a simple as picking up the computer and browsing the Internet for reputable sites that offer gourmet coffee service. Visiting coffee forums is another way to find gourmet and rare coffee beans by joining discussions with other coffee drinkers.

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What Makes Coffee Organic 0

What Makes Coffee Organic
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What Makes Coffee Gourmet? 0


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Understanding Fair Trade Coffee 0

Fair Trade coffee is an extension of the Fair Trade Agreement which insures that producers of products like coffee are paid a fair price for their product. This Agreement allows small coffee farmers to continue to produce excellent coffee and make a fair living to support their family.
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Tips on Brewing the Best Coffee 0

Tips on brewing the best coffee are handed down from one family member to another much like handing down grandma's recipes. Coffee drinkers share their coffee brewing tricks with each other in order to help the coffee community brew the very best cup of java.
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Thermal Carafes | Thermal Coffee Pots 0

As technology would have it, coffee maker companies created a coffee maker that brews directly into a carafe. Thermal carafes keep coffee warm for hours longer than glass coffee decanters without altering the flavor of the coffee. Glass decanters that sit on the warming plate of the coffee maker for hours are often bitter and can burn. Thermal carafes do not allow this to happen and keep the coffee fresh and ready to drink.

Carafes come in a variety of styles and colors, from decorative colors that match kitchen decor to stainless steel. No matter which style or color is chosen they are double walled to keep the contents hot and ready whenever a fresh cup of coffee is desired. Coffee makers that use thermal carafes in place of glass decanters often have built in extras such as automatic shut-offs and programmable timers. Practically any function that a coffee maker with a glass decanter has can be found on coffee makers that use a thermal carafe as the coffee server.

Coffee makers saw the popularity and the benefits of the coffee carafe and combined the two to create the best of both worlds. Coffee makers with thermal carafes brew the coffee directly into the carafe which is then used to serve the coffee and keep it warm without having it sit on the warming plate. The carafe comes with a lid that is placed on it after the coffee brews. These coffee makers are excellent for use in corporate boardrooms where a more elegant coffee service is preferred over the typical glass decanter.

Any administrative person who has been in charge of keeping fresh coffee made can vouch for the use of a thermal carafe. It only takes one time leaving a glass coffee carafe on the heating unit to find out that not only can the coffee evaporate over time and burn the pot, it can also break the pot if left on the heating unit accidentally. Thermal carafes prevent this from happening.

There are many coffee maker manufacturers who offer a thermal carafe coffee maker including reputable makers like Cuisinart, Capresso, Krups and many more. Some manufactures offer the carafe in colors or brushed stainless steel but most only offer it in the brushed stainless steel. Thermal carafes are useful and more appealing than glass coffee decanters. They keep coffee fresh and keep the eyesore of a stained glass pot from being the focal point of the kitchen. Individuals and businesses can purchase thermal carafes separate or as part of their coffee maker. Either way, they are a useful kitchen addition for home or office.

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The Keurig Mini | Keurig Mini Brewer 0

The Keurig mini is the perfect single serve coffee maker for college dorms, small offices, and travelling. It comes with the Keurig reputation and warranty which have stood the test of time. The Keurig mini is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a single serve coffee brewer that is compact and efficient. The Keurig Mini is a new model in the Keurig lineup of single serve models. Keurig is already a well-known, respected name in single cup coffee brewers that has gained in popularity in the past few years. The new Keurig mini brewer goes one step further by reducing the footprint of the machine.

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The History of the Melitta Coffee Maker 0

The history of the Melitta coffee maker is one that would surprise the lady whose name it bears. The Melitta name originated with the invention of the coffee filter and has grown to include gourmet coffees and a line of electric and non-electric coffee makers. The history of the Melitta Coffee maker goes way back in time to a little German town and a German housewife who grew weary of brewing coffee with grounds infiltrating the final product when served. Although she didn't invent the Melitta coffee maker, she did invent the first coffee filters and the company that marketed them carried her name and eventually a coffee maker as well.

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The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Coffee 0

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Specialty Coffee | Specialty Gourmet Coffee 0

Specialty coffee is simply another name by which gourmet coffee is called. It is the highest quality or the most unique coffee flavor combinations that make it specialty. It is not usually found in big box retail stores but in gourmet coffee shops and online coffee distributors. Specialty coffee is a treat to the taste buds that lingers longer than the coffee in the cup. Specialty coffee would not have meant much to people a few hundred years ago.



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Purchasing a Coffee Bean Roaster 0

Purchasing a Coffee Bean Roaster Purchasing a coffee bean roaster is becoming as common as purchasing a coffee grinder. Roasting coffee beans at home was the next natural step in the evolution of preparing coffee as fresh as possible from home. Beginning roasters should research the various types and start with a simple roaster before moving to the gourmet lines that cost more but also provide more roasting options. Purchasing a coffee bean roaster is the next step in a true coffee aficionados journey through the coffee world. This machine allows coffee drinkers to purchase green coffee beans and roast them to their very own specifications, literally crafting their own coffee roast.

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