Wolfgang Puck Coffee

Wolfgang Puck Coffee

Jammie McClure

Consumers can also order these estate grown coffees directly from Wolfgang's website or from top coffee retail sites on the Internet. Wolfgang puck coffees are estate grown coffees that are available in a variety of roasts and flavors, each one meeting the high expectations of Wolfgang. His coffees are available in coffee bean form, pre-ground coffee, coffee pods and hotel filter packs.

His coffee selections are enhanced by organic teas that are available in pods and tea bags. Single-cup pod brewers are also available through the Wolfgang Puck website or coffee retailers who carry the Wolfgang Puck coffee line. His hotel line of coffee service also features dual pod machines and four-cup coffee makers with filter packs of his coffee. The various flavors of coffee available in the selection of Wolfgang Puck coffees are topped by Wolfgang Puck Reserve coffee which is a full-bodied, medium roast coffee with hints of chocolate flavors that linger. The Organic line also includes a Reserve Ground, House Blend Ground, and Sumatra Ground. Each of these is certified organic blends that are grown and processed without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other chemicals.

Flavors in the organic line range from dark roasted French to very dark roasted Sumatra. Wolfgang Puck coffees include Fair Trade coffees like organic Colombian and organic South Pacific coffee. The Colombian organic is a darker roasted, hand-picked coffee that is rich and smooth while the South Pacific is a darker roasted smooth coffee.

Flavored coffees are also part of the Wolfgang Puck coffee line up and feature his sweet Caramel Cream coffee. This rich, sweet flavor is an exquisite version of the flavored coffee standard and can be substituted for dessert with whip cream on top.

Hawaii is known for its Kona coffee along with other excellent coffee beans. The volcanic soil creates ideal growing conditions for the beans which make them an ideal choice for creating a Wolfgang Puck coffee. His lineup includes a Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee in both regular and decaffeinated versions. Both offer the toasty, warm hazelnut flavor in a smooth blend deserving of the Wolfgang Puck name. Wolfgang Puck's name on any food or beverage is a sure sign of top quality ingredients and the highest quality of tastes. His coffee line is no different. Consumers who choose this coffee can be assured that they are receiving one of the best coffee lineups on the market. Wolfgang coffees can be purchased on the Internet at coffee websites or at the Wolfgang Puck website.

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