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Coffee Cocktail Recipes | Coffee Drinks

Popular coffee cocktails have been around for a long time, but the growing "coffee culture" has meant that more and more people are looking for coffee drinks with alcohol. Now, there are two kinds of coffee cocktails: ones made with actual coffee, and those made with coffee-flavored liqueurs. Many cocktails are in the middle, with recipes that include both coffee and coffee liqueur.

  • Jammie McClure

Organic Coffee and Tea

Organic tea and coffee is one of the many varieties of "ethical" products that are now on the market, and probably the best known. The idea of organic is not new, and is applied to nearly every crop on the market today. But what exactly does it mean, and where can you buy organic tea and coffee? To be labeled organic, coffee and tea (or any product for that matter) must be grown without chemical fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides. This can be of particular importance because most coffee and tea crops are grown in tropical areas where the environment is more vulnerable to chemical contamination. Natural products (insecticides and fertilizers) can be used and still maintain the "organic" status.

  • Jammie McClure

Office Coffee Options

Office coffee options are more varied than you might think. You don't have to just set up a home coffee maker and hope it does the job for a large office filled with regular coffee drinkers. Short of getting a full-out industrial coffee brewer installed, there are a number of products intended for office use that can improve your coffee options.Filter Packs and Portion PacksOne of the biggest problems with office coffee is that people shun the job of actually making a new pot because it is a hassle to scoop out the grounds and get a new filter. It's not really that big of a job, but around an office, it gets ignored. The solution is a pre-packaged envelope of coffee grounds that you just open and pour into your filter. No measuring, and no mess. That's a portion pack, and you can get them with Folgers and Maxwell House coffee as well as more gourmet styles like Starbucks and Seattle's Best.The next step from a portion pack is a filter pack, which actually has a filter in the package as well as the measure of grounds. These are less common than the portion packs, and you may have to shop at office supply or food industry stores to find them. But you just have to take the filter out of its foil package and it goes in the machine. Even easier.Pourover MachinesA pourover coffee maker can be a good choice in an office, because it will make a full pot of coffee in a matter of minutes. Some models can make gallons of coffee at a time, which is usually excessive for the average office. But the smaller ones can be ideal.Hot water is heated in a separate carafe, and then the whole thing is poured over the filter of coffee grounds. The water flows through very quickly (not drip by drip), and you have a full pot of coffee. Machines like this are made by Bunn, and are standard equipment in restaurants. AirpotsYou can either keep a standard coffee decanter in the machine, to stay warm on the heating plate, or provide more longevity to your office coffee with an airpot. This applies whether you are using a drip machine or a pourover.Fill up a thermal airpot, and your staff can dispense out their coffee for hours while it stays hot. Airpots have spigots, so you can pour coffee out without having to move the large (and heavy) pot itself.These are just a few office coffee options that can make your lunchroom operate a little more efficiently, and provide your staff or colleagues with great coffee too.
  • Jammie McClure

How Do Pod Machines Work?

How Do Pod Machines Work? How pod machines work isn't that mysterious, but the change in coffee brewing technology has made these machines just as popular as the traditional drip coffee makers. The basic principle of how a pod machine works is that you are only making one cup of coffee at a time, and just when you want it. Doing it this way means that every cup is freshly brewed, rather than getting stale by sitting on a warming plate for later.

  • Jammie McClure