Best Coffee Coffee Companies for 2021

Jammie McClure

1. Folgers: Folgers is a well-know coffee company that offers a great selection of basic coffee that is a common sight in the grocery store.They don't sell whole bean coffee, only ground but their various lines go beyond the staple "classic roast". Folgers' new Gourmet Selections line has a number of flavors and roasts. They also make coffee pods, and a number of products for office use (such as portion packs and filter packs).

2. Starbucks: Though best known for their trendy coffee shops, they are a coffee company that produces a good line of coffee that can be purchased for home brewing. They sell whole bean coffee in various blends, and several unique instant coffee products too. If you brew with a pod machine, you can get Starbucks coffee in K-cup or generic pod format too.

3. Caribou Coffee: Caribou is a very popular coffee company in the eastern United States due to their coffee shops, but you can buy their coffee across the country. Most of their blends are based on regional varieties, and you can get either whole bean or ground coffee. Their coffee is purchased from sustainable sources, and they have some organic options too.


4. Green Mountain: Known for their environmental and ethical approach, Green Mountain sells a long line of whole bean coffee varieties and you can also get Green Mountain coffee in K-cups (for the Keurig brewer).

5. Maxwell House: Another coffee company that is a supermarket staple, Maxwell House is found in many household's across the country. They don't sell whole bean, but you can get several types of ground coffee including decaf and flavored. Maxwell House also has instant coffee, and single-serve pods.

6. Peet's: You can get a whole range of products from Peet's, including several exclusive bean blends (decaf too) and several kinds of tea. The have fair trade and organic products in both tea and coffee. Join their coffee-of-the-month club and expand your horizons.

7. Nescafe: Nescafe has a mix of coffee products, though they are best known for their Taster's Choice line of instant coffees. They also have a number of flavored coffee products that offer a rich foamy latte or cappuccino in instant form. The Dolce Gusto single-serve pod machine is their latest new development.

8. Seattle's Best: No you don't have to be in Seattle to enjoy their coffee, not with this coffee company. If you like their in-house brewed coffee, you can buy their blends in whole bean or ground to brew at home. They have a few flavored coffees, as well as several varietal blends.

9. Melitta: Melitta has both ground and whole bean coffee choices, and their World Harvest line focuses on geographic region varieties. They also carry decaf and a few flavored types of coffee too.

10. Tim Horton's: No list of the top 10 coffee companies would be complete without mentioning the Canadian sensation, Tim Horton's. Like Starbucks, they are best known for their coffee shops but they sell their distinctive blend of coffee in ground form. Not a lot of choices in their selections though.

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