Combo Coffee and Espresso Machines

Jammie McClure

You could have a pot of coffee dripping while you pull a shot of espresso, if you are so inclined. Delonghi Delonghi actually has several combo machine models for you to choose from, ranging in price from around $100 to $300. They all have milk frothing wands that you can use to add the foamed milk for lattes or cappuccinos too. The more expensive model uses a pump system for the espresso, whereas the cheaper ones go with less-powerful steam. You can also set the timer to make your coffee in the morning, and they all brew up to 10 cups of coffee at a time. Krups Combo coffee and espresso machines are also part of the Krups lineup, and they also have 3 models that can do double-duty for you. You can choose from their simpler models to the more sophisticated ones with a fully programmable set of controls. They all have a 10-cup coffee capacity, and the espresso halves can take E.S.E pods for easier use (not the same as coffee pods). Two of their machines have 15-bar pump pressure for espresso, and one uses a steam system. Milk frothers mean you can make cappuccinos or just add a dollop of foamed milk to your coffee. Mr. Coffee Mr. Coffee has one combo machine for the budget-conscious coffee lover. The coffee side makes up to 8 cups of coffee, though it has no timer for programmed brewing.

The espresso side has simple steam pressure and a frothing wand too. It's just a basic combo machine for any kitchen. Briel And if the Mr. Coffee was an entry-level machine, the Briel combo option is at the other end of the spectrum. They have a couple choices, and they will run between $400 and $600 each, so it's not something you'll be buying on impulse. All their models make 10 cups of coffee, and have a full 15-bar pump for the espresso. Multiple thermostats help keep water at just the right temperature, and you can keep your cups heated up on the warming tray. You can use E.S.E pods for your espresso too. Parts are stainless steel and brass, so your machine will last a very long time. Though some of the more expensive models are of high quality, a combo machine is generally not quite a good as getting 2 separate machines. But it does save space and can be more convenient if you're not necessarily looking for top-of-the-line equipment.

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