Fruity Teas

Alex Nikitin

Simply perusing the tea aisle at the local grocery store will open your eyes to a myriad of choices in Flavored Teas.   There are some teas in which the fruit flavor over powers the tea flavor.  The only way to find one that suits you is to try them.  Which can get expensive- buying 10 or more boxes of tea to try  a cup of it and decide if it is something you like? Not only expensive- but wasteful also.  One alternative is to go to a tea bar and sample the teas kind of like a wine tasting.  All Flavored Teas are different of course, so the tea that is orange flavored at the tea bar is not necessarily reflective of all orange flavored tea, but at least it offers some guidance.

As a rule even Flavored Teas have more flavor and more subtle notes than Bagged Teas.  Of course they are more labor intensive and can be more expensive.  Personally when I find a tea that I really like- I will tend to splurge on it and use it as an incentive or reward for making it through a busy or stressful time.

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