How To Choose A Teapot

How To Choose A Teapot

Alex Nikitin

For those who enjoy loose leaf tea over bagged tea, finding a teapot with a built in strainer can save you money and hassle, as it will catch the tea leaves while you pour each cup, keeping them inside of the tea pot.

If you enjoy chai tea, then one of the best tea pots is one made from glass. If you enjoy green tea, then a ceramic tea pot crafted in the Eastern style is best suited. Traditional western ceramic or clay tea pots are best for black teas. If you do opt for tea pots made from ceramic or clay it is important to consider that they should be used for one type of tea only because the clay has retention properties which could otherwise taint the flavor of the tea if multiple teas are brewed and mixed in the same tea pot. A standard tea pot in western culture can hold twelve ounces of water, though for stronger teas, less water is better because it helps to bring out the boldness of the flavors.

There are many types of teapots available on the market today and among the variety of designs and colors there are tea pots from around the world which are popular for different types of tea. Knowing how to choose a teapot that is right for you mean you must decide upon the type of tea drinker you are.

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