How to choose the right office coffee machine

Jammie McClure

Choosing an office coffee machine that is both economical and top quality is an important responsibility that typically falls on the office manager or administrative team. There are a number of considerations to make in order to get a sturdy machine that makes excellent coffee and is in the company's budget. There are a number of companies that provide commercial coffee makers as well as coffee services that provide the coffee maker as part of the coffee service. One consideration that must be made is how often the coffee machine will be used and how much coffee will be brewed at any one time. If the office will also be providing coffee to clients this plays an important role in the type of coffee maker chosen. Single cup brewers that are made for commercial use are an excellent choice if the company provides coffee to both clients and employees. These makers allow the coffee to be freshly made by the cup rather than relying on guesswork to determine how long the coffee pot has been on the coffee maker's warmer.

Clients and employees are always guaranteed a fresh cup of coffee. In addition to always having a fresh cup of coffee, the single serve coffee maker allows clients and employees to choose their choice of beverage, such as flavored coffees, decaf coffees, hot teas and hot chocolates. These coffee makers also allow companies to save money by not having to pour coffee out when it has been sitting for too long while at the same time offering variety to employees and clients. Other coffee machine options include commercial coffeemakers that are supplied by a coffee service.

The coffee service makes regular trips to the office to make sure there are supplies such as coffee, coffee filters, sweeteners, creamers and any other coffee supplies that might be needed by the office. The advantages to this service are numerous, including not having to worry about repairs to the machine or ordering coffee supplies. The disadvantages are much like they would be with any type of drip coffee maker, half used coffee that gets wasted and no way to accurately monitor how fresh the coffee is and these makers don’t offer much flexibility in offerings such as flavored coffees or hot tea. Commercial coffee makers can also be purchased from coffee retailers and websites. If this option is chosen it is important to choose a quality coffee maker that is known for being reliable in commercial use like the Bunn models. A service contract for maintenance and repairs is another feature that should be considered when purchasing a coffee maker. If the office chooses to purchase a commercial coffee maker they should also make use of any one of the coffee websites that offer coffee supplies for the office.

Some sites have regular delivery service that can be set up to arrive on a monthly basis. Some of these also offer a discount on supplies that are set up on this type of regular delivery service. Choosing an office coffee machine is an important purchase that should be taken seriously. The machine should be sturdy with and reliable with the ability to produce the top quality coffee, particularly if the coffee is also being served to clients. Compare not only coffee machine pricing but the pricing of the supplies as well in order to get a better overall economic picture for budget purposes.

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