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Going to be honest here - we're not the biggest fan of k cup coffee makers. We prefer different brewing methods. That's not to say k cups are bad - but rather they're very basic. Still, they can make some pretty darn good coffee and they're very convenient. 

Some more honesty - I wasn't even aware reusable k cups existed so naturally, I looked into them, learned their benefits and came to some conclusions. 

Refill Cup Reusable Filters


Money Saver

Single use pods can get a little pricey. You'll find yourself either constantly buying them or end up buying in bulk. Before you know it, you've defeated the purpose of buying a cheaper k cup coffee machine by spending a fortune on k cups. 

Single use pods also become very dull over time. You'll find yourself wanting something different after a few uses. So, now you've not only spent a lot of money but you're not really getting anything in return. 

Safe for the environment

By using a reusable k cup you'll no longer be adding to your waste amount or the excessive amount of used pods sitting at your local junkyard - well done!

Your choice of grounds

By using a reusable k cup filter, you're instantly given the freedom to use your preferred choice of coffee grounds. You'll, of course, have to have them ground or possess a quality coffee grinder first. No more crappy Starbucks pods or Dunkin - go get some quality coffee beans from your local roaster or supermarket and start making better coffee today. 


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The best reusable k cup filters, while not compatible with all models (check before buying!), are usually pretty versatile. In addition to versatility, they're incredibly durable and designed for longevity. Materials used are environmentally safe, affordable and aimed at saving you money in the long run. 

Designed for optimal performance

Fitted with durable mesh, reusable k cup filters help improve water dispersion. Operating at higher efficiency levels that single use pods, reusable filters will deliver better cups of coffee on a more consistent basis - it's a win-win for everyone involved! While single pods are as basic as can be, reusable k cup filters are specifically designed to offer better performance and a long lifespan. What you get is better coffee, cheaper costs and an overall better coffee making experience. 

Easy to clean

Reusable k cup filters are incredibly easy to clean. While not as convenient as the throw-away single pods, they're safer for the environment and most can be put straight in the dishwasher. You'll want to make sure you're cleaning your filters after every use (especially if you switch beans a lot) to ensure maximum flavor. 

A smart alternative to single use pods. 


20 interesting coffee facts might be just the odd tidbits needed to impress everyone at the next trivia contest or they could be used as the next trivia contest.


What is the talk about K-Cups?   If you're looking for quality k-cups at the best price you are in the right place. Coffee.org has Folgers, Starbucks, Maxwell House and more. K-Cups are single-portion packs of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate intended for use in a Keurig coffee maker. There are currently over 200 varieties available, with new ones being introduced on a monthly basis. K-Cups take around 30 seconds to brew and are widely acclaimed for the rich flavor of the resulting drink.

Each K-Cup contains a paper filter that is fitted inside. After being filled with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate during the production process, the K-Cup is capped with an airtight foil lid to keep its contents fresh. To brew a hot drink, the K-Cup is inserted in the appropriate slot on a Keurig coffee maker.

After placing a cup or mug on the small stand under the brew head, the person operating the machine presses the start button. Small holes are punctured in the K-Cup' top and bottom and the brewer pushes hot water through it, dispensing the freshly brewed beverage into the waiting cup.

Keurig coffee makers are skyrocketing in popularity, thanks to their easy and convenient brewing method. Instead of waiting five minutes for an entire pot to be ready, coffee lovers can enjoy a delicious gourmet cup in under a minute. (Same goes for tea and hot chocolate fans!) There' no loud and messy grinding to do first, and cleaning up is as simple as tossing the used K-Cup away. There' also no waste, whereas half-full pots of regularly brewed coffee are often dumped out.

For those who appreciate a stronger-tasting coffee, there are now K-Cups being marketed as ‘extra bold’. The contents are dark-roasted and because of a unique filter design, each one contains 20% more coffee than a regular K-Cup.

Despite the benefits and popularity of the K-Cup brewing method, some consumers find it too expensive to purchase individual portion packs, so Keurig designed the My K-Cup, a stainless steel version that you can refill. It' easier on the pocketbook and the coffee it makes, while supposedly not as strong as the traditional K-Cup offers, is both rich and delicious.

Great coffee made easy. It' a coffee lover' dream come true.

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