Maxwell House Filter Packs | Maxwell House Hotel Coffee

Alex Nikitin

Each Maxwell House filter pack has enough grounds inside to brew up a full pot, around 10 to 12 cups of coffee. If you are using a commercial pourover coffee maker, like the ones made by Bunn, then you should still be able to use filter packs unless you are making larger volumes of coffee. Then you could just use 2 packs at a time. Maxwell House even has a smaller pack now, for 4-cup pots of coffee.The coffee grounds are the same as you would get in a normal can of Maxwell House coffee so you get the same great taste in your cup. They are very convenient, but with a commercial market, they aren't available in the same range of coffee types as you normally have at your disposal. You will basically have the options of regular coffee or decaf. So this may not be the right option for anyone who prefers a wider range of taste choices with their coffee.

Filter packs are not associated with regular household kitchen use, so they are not going to be sitting in the coffee section of the supermarket. Office supply stores usually carry them in their lunchroom supply areas, but you may also have to try shopping as a food service or restaurant supply store. Getting them online is another option as many good coffee sellers have them.Maxwell House filter packs are not the only brand for these types of coffee products. Folger's also carries filter packs, and you can even get them from Starbucks now.

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