Millstone Portion Pack Info

Jammie McClure

These portion packs are the ideal choice for offices and businesses where a different person may be brewing coffee at any given time. Pre-measured portion packs take the guess work out of how much coffee should be used in each pot of coffee. Portion packs are available online at coffee websites and in some retail stores but not many due to shelf space. Online coffee websites are able to feature more coffee brands and types of packaging such as the portion pack.

Typically sold by the case, Millstone portion packs are available in practically every flavor of coffee that Millstone produces. Portion packs are typically 1.5 ounce coffee packs that are individually sealed to lock in the freshness of the coffee. Since they are only opened when they are being brewed the coffee flavors last longer and taste better than coffee in large packages that are opened and closed every time a pot of coffee is brewed.

Portion packs can also be used in gift baskets and as give-aways at various functions. A mixture of flavors can be ordered and used to create coffee gift bags for employees, clients, family and friends. These are excellent for Christmas office gifts and put a smile on every face. Millstone coffee portion packs can be mixed and matched to create custom flavors. For example a chocolate caramel coffee can be made using one package of Millstone Chocolate combined with one package of Millstone Caramel. The resulting blend will make two pots of scrumptious coffee flavored with hints of chocolate and caramel. This delight to the senses has the taste of a decadent dessert without the calories.

Millstone is a trusted name in coffee that has been on the market since 1981. While this makes the coffee company relatively young, it quickly established itself on the gourmet coffee scene with its large selection of flavored beans. One trip down the local coffee aisle in many grocery stores will show that the majority of whole coffee beans being sold are the Millstone brand. Proctor and Gamble bought the Millstone Company in 1996 and continues to offer the same excellent coffees that the company was founded on in the early 1980's. It would be difficult to research portion pack coffee and not find Millstone coffee as one of the top offerings in the commercial sales portion.

Businesses around the world rely on the Millstone name to provide their employees and clients with the best in coffee flavors and gourmet roasts. In 2008 the Millstone name was merged with the company that owns Folgers creating one of the largest and best known coffee companies in the world. Millstone portion packs are just one of many Millstone coffee products that are available for business use and can be found on practically any coffee website. Portion packs insure perfect coffee pot after pot and cup after cup, something that is hard to do when relying on many different people to make coffee throughout the day.

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