TAZO® Tea: Tea Bags, Tea K-Cup® Pods & Lattes

TAZO® Tea: Tea Bags, Tea K-Cup® Pods & Lattes

Jammie McClure

The History of Tazo Tea.

Tazo was founded by Steve Smith, Stephen Lee and Tom Mesher in 1994. Since Smith and Lee have already started the well-known Stash Tea Company  many years earlier, they had the right industry connections to make Tazo a success. Five years after the company started, they sold it to Starbucks.  It's been a division of the international coffee company ever since.They take their commitment to the spirit of tea seriously, and take responsibility for making ethical business decisions. The company is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, which means that they only purchase their tea leaves from farms that meet the ETPs standards for employment wages, safety and other basic rights. Not only are they involved in social concerns, they also invest in renewable clean energy each year.



Tea Bags
Their line of tea bags includes black, green and herbal combinations beyond your typical choices for tea:

? China green tips
? Green ginger
? Zen herbal green tea
? Chai
? Early Grey
? Awake breakfast blend
? Citron
? Darjeeling
? Honeybush
? Cinnamon spice herbal blend
Refresh mint tea

Loose Teas
They don't have as many choices for whole leaf tea, but they do offer some of their best in air-tight metal canisters. They are the same varieties as the tea bags, such as: Earl Grey, chai, Awake, China green tips, Zen and two other mixed herbal tea blends.

Bottled Teas
One thing that makes Tazo unique is their line of ready-to-drink bottle tea drinks. Each one of these blends combines fruit juices and teas, but you'd have to read the labels for the full list of ingredients in each blend.

? Tea lemonade
? Tazoberry
? Mango
? Classic iced tea (and one with lemon)
? Iced green tea
? Plum Delicious
? Passion Potion
? Simply Red
? Brambleberry

Tea Lattes
 Their tea lattes are designed to be made with milk, for a spicy latte-style made with tea. They come in various styles of chai and vanilla, and one green tea latte made with matcha tea.These are just a sampling of what Tazo tea has to offer, and is not a complete list of their product lines.Many grocery stores carry Tazo tea products, as well as online vendors. You can also pick up most of their teas at any Starbucks or Seattle's Best coffee shops.

Tazo Tea makes a large line of tea products that include tea bags, loose whole-leaf  tea and several bottled tea drinks.The style of Tazo  is distinctly New Age and they take the approach that drinking tea is a spiritual pursuit. They even have an interactive tea leaf reader on their website. The name "Tazo" actually comes from more than one historic source, including the Romany word for "river of life". In Hindi, the word simply means "fresh". The name itself is an illustration of the company' purpose.

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