Folgers Cappuccino Mix - French Vanilla 2 lbs.

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Folgers Cappuccino Mix - French Vanilla

  • Folgers gourmet instant cappuccino mix - premium grade
  • Creamiest cappuccino powder available - lots of froth and full of flavor
  • Each Pack contains 2 pounds of instant cappuccino mix (case of 6 available)
  • The #1 Seller - a decadent, extra creamy marriage of coffee and vanilla bean flavor
  • 6 Pack Case Available


Folgers French Vanilla Cappuccino Mix - 2 Pound Economy Pillow Packs

Same Folgers French Vanilla cappuccino we sell to Convenience Stores for their cappuccino/hot cocoa dispensers
Simply mix with hot water for a delicious cappuccino drink

Each pillow pack = 2 pounds of premium quality French Vanilla cappuccino mix
 Each pillow pack yields approximately 32 8oz cups of cappuccino

Looking for Discontinued Douwe Egberts Cappuccino?
J.M. Smuckers has permanently discontinued Douwe Egberts cappuccino, rebranding it under their Folgers Cappuccino label. Many of the formulas and flavors are exactly the same. Unfortunately, certain less popular Douwe Egberts Cappuccino flavors were not re-created under the Folgers brand.

Product Name: Folgers Cappuccino Mix - French Vanilla - 2lb Bulk Pack

Manufacturer: J. M. Smucker

Item Code: 2550006334

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