Guatemalan Antigua - Fresh Roasted

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  • Our Guatemalan Antigua is premium quality all the way - always SHB (strictly hard bean).
  • Grown very high in the premier mountain growing area of Guatemala, these gourmet coffee beans mature more slowly in the cooler mountain climate.
  • Exceptional, exquisite and a coffee connoisseur's delight. As "complete" a gourmet coffee as you're likely to find - rich, well-balanced, satisfying, and full of lively, smoky flavor. 
  • Roasted to bring out its exceptional full body, while retaining sweetness and some light fruity notes in the cup.
  • Finishes with prolonged cocoa notes. This is one of our favorite coffees. Medium roast.
  • When we say fresh, we mean fresh. We also believe that beans are roasted to bring out their original flavor. Each bean has different flavor notes and requires different roast temperatures and times.
  • Roasting in small batches allows us to roast each bean to its full potential! Is the coffee your currently drinking over roasted? 
  • This coffee is a Fair Trade coffee. When you choose Fair Trade Coffee you get quality coffee that improves lives of the farmers and protects the environment.
  • Fresh Roasted Medium Roast
  • Roasted using a US Roasterie Small Batch Roaster

Product Name: All Day Gourmet Coffee - Fresh Roasted - Guatemalan Antigua 

Roaster: All Day Gourmet

Item Code: 25206

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
A. Appleby
"excellent coffee"

This is really excellent coffee !! It has a distinctive Sumatran taste and has no bitter aftertaste. A superior coffee, in my opinion, and I will be buying more. If you drink your coffee black, you will love this coffee.

Cook's wife
Our favorite coffee

I was on a mission trip to Guatemala when I found the wonderful Antigua coffee. My husband loved the coffee I brought home and wanted more. I found it on Coffee Wholesale and have been purchasing it ever since.

Fantastic Coffee!!!

I got this coffee on a trip to Central America. This coffee's aroma was so enticing and flavor so rich my wife and I had to find more. A perfect coffee anytime.

Great Fresh Roast. You can smell it on the truck.

I had recently been looking for a new coffee to try and to get away from the routine of going with the one or two of my long time favorites. Guatemalan was a pleasant surprise.


I love Guatemalan coffee. I tried others, but keep going back. There's nothing like a great cup of coffee in the morning.