Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Review

Time For A Delightful and Well-Deserved Change

I usually switch coffees every few weeks or so. After three weeks of drinking Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, I decided to give myself a real taste treat. Surfing again through the Coffee Wholesale USA website I splurged for the finest coffee grown on the island of Jamaica – the renowned Jamaica Blue Mountain.

The Blue Mountain Range is a majestic group of mountains located at the eastern end of the island, north of Kingston. They reach their highest point at the Blue Mountain Peak, towering 7,402 feet above sea level. The high altitudes along with cool, misty weather cause the coffee beans to take longer to mature – up to 10 months from bloom to harvest (twice as long as most growing regions). This gives the rich soil time to yield a better, smoother coffee with enhanced flavor and aroma.

Coffee was first introduced to Jamaica in 1728 by Governor Sir Nicholas Lawes when he brought seedlings from Martinique. Within nine years 83,000 pounds of coffee was exported. Today, several fine coffees are grown throughout the mountainous regions of Jamaica, but only one special area of these mountains yield the outstanding, flavorful Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

Limited Supplies + Quality Control = Distinctly Jamaica Blue

The Jamaican Coffee Industry Board is the sole exporter of Blue Mountain coffee. Despite its proximity to Jamaica, the United States only gets approximately 10% of the annual Blue Mountain coffee crop – 85% of all Blue Mountain coffee is exported to Japan and most of the remaining 5% goes to Europe. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is exported in registered, marked barrels to ensure the authenticity of the coffee.

On my numerous trips to Jamaica, I have very seldom obtained Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in

restaurants or hotels. A few times I had the delight of drinking some roasted fresh Blue Mountain coffee at a very expensive restaurant owned by a friend of a friend.

On a trip to Kingston many years ago I ventured to the Blue Mountains. At a plantation, I purchased two pounds of Blue Mountain coffee – the memory of the aroma still tickles my taste buds today. When I returned home I was in heaven as I enjoyed a pound of the coffee. I divided the other pound into air-tight glass jars and stored the jars in my refrigerator.

After a couple weeks I opened my second jar, but to my dismay, I noticed a completely different taste. During one of my father’s visits, he asked me to taste his homemade rum-based coffee liqueur. As I sipped the liqueur he grinned and reported, "It had been years since had tasted Jamaican Blue Mountain." Yes, he had swiped my Blue Mountain coffee and replaced it with a store brand to make his concoction!

Who could blame him, though? Coffee as good as Jamaican Blue Mountain is a real emotion-stirrer. Ever since I order a pound of Jamaica Blue for him from Coffee Wholesale USA for Father’s Day.

Always Premium Quality – Never Less

As you might have guessed, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is very limited in supply (especially here in the States). That's too bad because Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is extremely mellow, sweet tasting and very aromatic. The subtle balance of flavor and aroma makes it a delightful brew – it is definitely worth the few extra dollars for your next well-deserved change.

To savor the rich aroma and full taste of Jamaica Blue Mountain, it is suggested that you purchase your coffee from a reputable distributor.

Try the Jamaica Blue Mountain from Coffee Wholesale USA. They sell a premium quality Blue Mountain at a very competitive price.

What I need now is another cup of coffee!


John DeBartolo - New York's Coffee Meister