Java Estate Coffee Review

There's More to the South Pacific Than 10,000 Beautiful Islands

For a change of pace and to refresh my taste buds I usually change gourmet coffees every few weeks. Right now I am enjoying an Indonesian coffee from the island of Java.

I was excited while waiting for my Java Estate to arrive. And, after brewing it up, that excitement rekindles itself with every cup.

In a few weeks I'll delve into yet another superb gourmet coffee from Coffee Wholesale USA, but for now let me share the Java Estate experience with you.

I often refer to Java Estate as a coffee drinker's coffee – with a full rich body, nice acid balance, and a subtle multi-dimensional aromatic character. And Coffee Wholesale USA has an exceptional Java Estate (I could smell it while brewing). Sipping my cup as I pick and peck on my computer, I am always brought back to reality by its impressive tasty aroma.

To my taste buds' liking, Java Estate does not have as intense a body as the gourmet coffees from the neighboring Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Celebes. While these two Indonesian varietals in general have a delicate acidity with a deep aroma – Java Estate may very well be the best of the three.

Oh, So That's Where the Term "Java" Comes From

While Indonesia consists of over 10,000 Pacific Islands only about 6,000 of those are inhabited. Coffee is grown for export on the larger islands of Sumatra, Celebes, and Java.

The Dutch first brought Arabica coffee trees to these islands in the mid-17th century, known then as the Netherlands Indies. Cultivation proved so successful that "Java" was exported globally and hence "Java" became a synonym for all types of coffee.

The third largest coffee exporter, Indonesia is also the world's largest exporter of the less desirable Robusta coffee beans – popular in the blending of commercial supermarket coffees. Currently, Java's production of the preferred Arabica coffee beans accounts for only 10% of total production.

Java's government regulates the export of coffee and forbids Robusta beans to be sold as Java coffee – only premium Arabica beans can bear the Java name. Strictly regulated, the best Java beans are grown on a few government-regulated farms, plantations and estates. These "estate" grown Java coffees are unmatched for aromatic spiciness and rich, smooth, and full-bodied character.

Always Premium Quality – Never Less

These days you just can’t trust everybody you run across. Instead of brewing a lackluster pot of a commercial blended supermarket coffee, or taking my chances with the other guy’s "gourmet" coffee, I find peace-of-mind and satisfaction in the quality brews from Coffee Wholesale USA.

Indeed, all of their coffees are delightful and are premium quality grades, so no matter which coffee you choose you won’t be disappointed. As a pleasant treat for your taste buds, let me suggest you pick up a pound or two of their Java Estate. Who knows, you might find it to be one of your new favorites.

Here’s another tip for you – have a little fun with your Java Estate. Drop a square of sweet chocolate and a dollop of heavy whipped cream into your cup to make your own naughty coffee desert. You may be reluctant to share, but serve it to your guests and you'll make friends for life.

What I need now is another cup of coffee!


John DeBartolo - New York's Coffee Meister