Mexican Altura Coatepec Coffee Review

A Smooth & Balanced Cup From "South of the Border"

Mexican coffee botanists recognize approximately one hundred species of Arabica coffee plants that grow at high altitudes as the source of all the worlds celebrated gourmet coffees. The inferior grade bean called Robusta grows at lower altitudes and is generally found in "supermarket" coffee.

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Which of the celebrated coffees should you try next? This time why don’t you try some coffee from "south of the border"?

High Grown Means High Quality

Arabica coffee arrived in Mexico at the start of the nineteenth century from the West Indies, but surprisingly wasn’t exported in large quantities until the late 1800s. Today, Mexico ranks high among the worlds coffee exporters. Most Mexican coffee is processed by the wet method, which ensures better acidity and body. The Mexican government grades the coffee based on the altitude where it is grown.

The Mexicans themselves consume over half the coffee produced in their country, but lucky for us the United States gets over half of what’s left over for export.

The coffee producing regions of Vera Cruz and Chiapas account for 60 to 70 percent of the Mexican coffee crop and the remainder is grown in Puebla and other states including Oaxaca.

The coffee grown in Chiapas and Oaxaca is called Altura, meaning "high-grown." Where coffee is concerned, higher almost always means better. Mexican Altura coffees are considered very high quality indeed and among the finest grown in the Americas.

Mexico produces about 5 million bags of coffee a year and most of the better beans are grown on large plantations in the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Guerrero. The Mexican Altura Coatepec from Coffee Wholesale USA has a light nutty flavor, medium acidity and a mild extremely well balanced body – it’s so smooth that it just might make you a Mexican "coffee convert" for life! Mexican Altura Coatepec is a great morning coffee and can even be used in a blend to tone down fuller bodied coffees. Personally, however, I prefer pure coffee varietals so I can experience the regional flavors from around the world by themselves.

Where the Culture is as Rich as the Coffee

During the late 1940s and through the 1950s I used to spend most of my vacations in Mexico. At that time a friend of mine had a small travel agency that had weekly tours to various cities in the vicinity of Mexico City and south to the various archaeological sites in the Vera Cruz area and the border of Guatemala. Since I could speak Italian and a little Spanish and was very knowledgeable in the history and culture of Mexico, I used to obtain free travel, meals and room for acting as an unofficial guide.

During those years Mexico had changed very little from the days of Benito Juarez and it was delightful to go into small towns that still had horse drawn carriages.

One of my favorite cities was Oaxaca – the capital of the state of Oaxaca – located on the southern Pacific coast of Mexico and at an elevation of about 5000 feet.

Oaxaca is about the size of Indiana and is a beautiful mountainous area with wide, fertile valleys. In this agricultural region they grow a variety of produce such as tropical fruits, sugar, cacao and tobacco. Mexican Altura Coatepec coffee is grown in the fertile highlands of the area.

The city square, or the "Zocalo", was a park with a area for shops and outdoor cafes. The cafes served

coffee in many different ways, including espresso, straight, foamy and Italian. One of my favorites was cafe con leche, a delicious cup of fresh coffee mixed with hot milk.

At night the Zocalo turned into a community gathering center with mothers or chaperones escorting daughters of marrying age. Strolling musicians, mariachi bands, and local vendors frequented the selling a variety of crafts, foods and ices.

In the cafes I would try the different Mexican hot and cold coffees and their semi-sweet hot chocolate drinks while I admired the young ladies in their colorful traditional dresses.

Always Premium Quality – Never Less

Several years ago various organizations were formed to grow "organic" coffee. Within the last decade or so a Mexico has imported a small quantity of certified Mexican Altura Coatepec Organic coffee to the United States.

Coffee Wholesale USA carries excellent roasts of both the Mexican Altura Coatepec Varietal and Mexican Altura Coatepec Organic – both at very reasonable prices. And, the Organic version of the Mexican Altura Coatepec coffee is 100% OCIA Certified.

These coffees are considered by many to be the most flavorful Mexican coffee beans – the unique taste and delicate smoothness will leave you wanting more.

What I need now is another cup of coffee!


John DeBartolo - New York's Coffee Meister