Yemen Mocha Coffee Review

One of the Oldest and Most Famous Coffees of All Time

Yes, Yemen Mocha is perhaps the oldest and most famous coffee of all time. It is rich and distinctive overall with a very pronounced taste. This coffee yields what many call the most superbly aromatic and uniquely flavorful cup of coffee in the world.

Interestingly, the name "Mocha" was attached to this coffee by mistake. See, Yemen coffee was originally shipped from a tiny port on the west coast of Yemen called "Al-Makha". Supposedly, in the 17th century, as coffee began to permeate Europe, the chocolate tones of this distinctive coffee deceived many Europeans into incorrectly translating "Makha" as "Mocha". The name stuck and it's been "Mocha" ever since.

For over 150 years Yemen Mocha was the only commercial coffee exported to Europe. Initially, the European Christian community frowned upon the "new brew". Something so good had to be the work of the devil. The Pope, however – an avid coffee drinker himself – blessed coffee and declared it a truly Christian beverage. Thereafter, coffee houses began to quickly spread across Europe, then to the four corners of the world.

Tended to With Care – The Old Fashioned Way

Today, Yemen Mocha coffee is cultivated much the same way as it was centuries ago and small farmers continue to produce most of the coffee. Although Yemen Mocha is not certified organic, it continues to be grown using natural organic methods – an old fashioned tradition that continues to this day.

This wonderful coffee grows on the fertile terraces of the rugged western Yemeni Mountains, reaching altitudes as high as 3,000 meters above sea level. Grown on rain fed terraces and naturally protected from too much sun by the surrounding mountains, the coffee bean crop is dried on the tree before picking and hulling.

Nearly all of the coffee produced in Yemen is exported. While only a small quantity of the premium grade

Yemen Mocha coffee makes it to the domestic United States market, even less makes it to the local restaurants and coffee houses here.

Powerful, Distinctive, Aromatic

Yemen Mocha has a truly distinctive taste – powerful acidity with complex wine and chocolate tones just bursting with a full aroma. While many happily recognize the subtle notes of chocolate in Yemen Mocha’s taste profile, this coffee should not be confused with chocolate flavored coffees with similar names.

Yemen's pronounced taste has been described in a variety of ways – nutty, malty, spicy, winy, fruity, chocolatey and exotic. Whatever the words chosen, it's distinctively rich taste with complex wine and chocolate tones yields one of the most superbly aromatic and uniquely flavorful cups in the world.

Yemen Mocha is so distinctive that even a coffee novice will quickly recognize the unique taste of Yemen Mocha with excitement. This coffee is superbly aromatic and smooth, with exotic flavors that simply cannot be found in any other coffee variety.

Always Premium Quality – Never Less

The distinctive qualities and history of Yemen Mocha make it one of those coffees that's a "must try". Such a wonderful uniqueness and delightful brew that's certainly worth a couple of extra bucks for your next well-deserved change.

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While you're at it, I encourage you to try the blend made from this varietal coffee – Mocha Java. You can't go wrong with either coffee and you certainly won't be disappointed.

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John DeBartolo - New York's Coffee Meister