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All Day Gourmet Coffee - Classic American Roast - 1.25 ounce - 40  Pillow Frac Packs of Coffee

  • 40 Packs Pre-measured Ground Coffee
  • Roasted medium for a silky smooth taste
  • Brews a regular strength cup of java
  •  Each pillow pack brews a full 10 to 12-cup pot of coffee
  •  Each Box contains 40 pots of coffee

All Day Gourmet Medium Roast Office Coffee 40/1.25oz Frac Packs

  • Classic American Roast - our exclusive 100% premium grade Colombian blended coffee
  • Master roasted medium for a rich and aromatic flavor with a silky smooth taste
  • For those of you who enjoy and appreciate a smooth-tasting cup of java
  • This 1.25oz size is a popular favorite for brewing a regular-strength cup of coffee
  • Ideal for coffee pots, airpot, thermal servers, and satellite coffee brewers
  • At home or office - pillow packs are simple, convenient, easy-to-use
  • Individually wrapped to keep your coffee fresher, longer
  • Enjoy a 6 to 12-month shelf life
  • Each pillow pack = 1.25oz
  • Each Box contains 40 pillow packs
  • Each pillow pack brews a full 10 to 12-cup pot of coffee

Product Name: All Day Gourmet Coffee - Classic American Roast - 1.25oz Pillow Packs

Manufacturer: All Day Gourmet

Item Code: 140845 | CARPP125

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