Angel Falls Mist Tea 500g

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Angel Falls Mist herbal & fruit tea has a wildly exotic strawberry and lemon character. A pinch of sugar boosts the flavor profile. Named in honor of the world’s tallest waterfall. Angel Falls Mist herb and fruit tea should almost be short-listed as one of the great wonders of the world. Developed to reflect the power of the falls, Angel Falls mist blends lemon, strawberries and a mixture of other fruits to create a caffeine free flavor sensation.


  • Herbal and Fruit tea
  • Great iced tea
  • The recommended brewing temperature is 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A wildly exotic strawberry and lemon character.

    Customer Reviews

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    One of the Best Tea!1

    I'm a "Tea Lover". I love all teas, green, black, red, herbal, spiced, and fruit teas. This tea stands out as it uses whole pieces of dried fruit and hibiscus flowers. If you have tried and like hibiscus tea, you will like this. If you are unfamiliar with hibiscus, think of a tart, sweet, cherry-like flavor with a deep red hue. Hibiscus is bursting with antioxidants. This is not a tea you can brew multiple times as the flavor fully disperses after the first brew.

    Lena Allen
    Amazing smell of different ingredients

    When I opened the package I could smell the different ingredients and it was so good. The tea was very delicious, either hot or cold. Definitely a good choice for someone who doesn't like bitter tea, like me. Absolutely nailed it!