Bunn Deliming Spring and Sprayhead Kit - Commercial

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Kit includes two deliming springs and two sprayheads
Use for all Bunn pourover and automatic coffee brewers
Coffee pot brewers, airpot brewers, thermal server brewers

Part #: KIT-C

What is a sprayhead?

The sprayhead (also known as a "water spreader") is directly responsible for ensuring proper extraction of your coffee. With a sprayhead installed, the brew time is slowed and water is more evenly dispersed over your coffee grounds, resulting in better extraction. A sprayhead is required to make your Bunn coffee brewer work properly. Bunn sprayheads are screw into the threaded attachment where water comes out of your brewer. Simply remove your filter basket and look underneath to find where your sprayhead attaches.

Common symptoms of a missing sprayhead include (a) coffee grounds overflowing your filter and flowing into your brewed coffee, (b) coffee brewing too quickly, (c) and weak coffee. If you are experiencing one of these problems AND you have double checked to make sure you have a sprayhead installed, you may be having problems with your coffee filters. Make sure you are using commercial-quality, fast-flow paper coffee filters.

What is a deliming spring?

A deliming spring is a long, flexible, compact spring used as a tool to remove lime deposit from your coffeemaker. Simply unscrew your deliming spring and insert your deliming spring in your coffeemaker as far as it will go. Work the deliming spring back and forth firmly a few times to dislodge any built-up lime deposits.

Then, before you reattach your sprayhead, run a batch of water through your coffee brewer to flush out any dislodged particles. After water stops flowing, reattach your sprayhead. This is also a good time to inspect your sprayhead to (a) make sure it's there, and (b) make sure none of the holes in the sprayhead are clogged.


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Brand: BUNN
Mfg Part Num: 01188.0000

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