Cafiza Espresso Machine Powdered Cleaner - 20 oz Canister

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Cafiza® Espresso Machine Cleaner - Powder - 20oz Canister

  • Eliminates residue in espresso group heads, valves, and lines

  • Removes stale, built-up coffee oils, colors, and odors

  • Use on commercial espresso machines (with a back flush feature)

  • Also great for cleaning the exterior of coffee brewers and roasters

This fantastic cafiza powder is great for cleaning the group heads, valves, and lines of an espresso machine. In tiny amounts, it can also be used to clean stainless steel and glass, including the liners of pump pots (just put in a capful, fill with warm water, give it a fast swish with a pump-pot brush). You can clean a ream of pump pots with one capful of Cafiza® by pouring the Cafiza®-laced water from pump pot to pump pot. Remember to thoroughly rinse anything you clean.

Product Name: Cafiza Espresso Machine Powdered Cleaner - 20oz Canister

Manufacturer: Urnex

Item Code: 12-ESP12-20

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