Coffee-mate Original Cold Creamer 1.5 gallon

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Coffee-Mate Original Cold Creamer

Original Cold Creamer from Coffee-Mate in the #1 selling non-dairy coffee creamer brand in America and will appeal to your trusted brand consumers. It has a long shelf-life unopened at 9 months, with a 7 days refrigerated shelf life after opening. Coffee-Mate Bulk Creamer eliminates overuse of single-serve cups which saves operating costs while reducing waste. Best of all it's cholesterol, gluten, and lactose free. Kosher Approved.
  • 1.5 Gallon Bag

  • #1 selling non-dairy coffee creamer brand in America

  • Long shelf-life unopened at 9 months

  • Cholesterol, gluten, and lactose free

  • Kosher Approved

    Product Name: Coffee-mate Original Cold Creamer 1.5 gallon

    Manufacturer: Nestle

    Item Code: CMC23

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