English Toffee Cappuccino

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2 lb Bag
Case of 6

Dure Foods English Toffee Cappuccino is crafted with the utmost attention to quality, ensuring an outstanding taste that keeps customers returning for more. Blended with 100% Colombian coffee, creamer, and non-fat milk, our cappuccino boasts a superior flavor profile and is compatible with various hot beverage equipment. Widely employed in convenience stores for cappuccino and hot cocoa dispensers.

Indulge in the excellence of this cappuccino, offering an impeccable taste, pleasing aroma, and an abundance of froth with a delightful sweet flavor. Achieve the perfect cappuccino drink by simply mixing with hot water.

Each case includes 6 packs of 2 lbs. of instant Dure Foods English Toffee Cappuccino. Anticipate approximately 32 8-ounce cups of cappuccino from each bag, making it a convenient and flavorful choice for your hot beverage needs.

Manufacturer: Dure Foods

Item Code: DFU00405