Folgers Coffee - Black Silk (Dark Roast) - 40/1.40oz Filter Pack

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 New dark roast Folgers coffee blend

 Each filter pack = 1.40oz (brews 12 cups)

 No additional paper filters required

 Recommended for use with round filter baskets



Folgers Black Silk Filter Pack Coffee (Dark Roast)

Folgers Black Silk is a new dark roast coffee blend - bold, yet smooth. The Black Silk formula is a blend of mountain grown coffees specially selected for optimal dark roasting. The best part of Wakin' Folgers in your cup!

-Master roasted for a perfect, consistent Folgers taste
-Ideal for coffee pot brewers, airpot coffee brewers, and thermal server coffee brewers
-Features Folgers' "flaked" coffee grind technology
-Maximizes taste, extraction, and finish of coffee when brewed

-Air tight packaging keeps your coffee fresher, longer
-Filter packs are simple, convenient, easy-to-use
-No messy grounds make clean-up a snap
-Enjoy a 6 to 12 month shelf life

-Each filter pack = 1.40oz of dark-roasted coffee
-Each filter pack brews a full 12 cup pot of coffee

-Filter packs are NOT individually wrapped
-Packed into resealable pouches that contain 10 filter packs each
-Each box = 4 x 10-ct pouches (40 filter packs total)

NOTE: Folgers Filter Pack Coffee is designed for use with 12 cup commercial coffee brewers. The sidewalls of the flavor filter are generally too tall to fit into the filter basket of most home coffee brewers.

Product Name: Folgers Coffee - Black Silk (Dark Roast) - 40/1.40oz Filter Pack

Manufacturer: J. M. Smucker

Item Code: 2550000016

Customer Reviews

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The best part of waking up, is black silk in my cup

Infinitely attractive and faint aroma… The smooth mellow yet slightly bitter wonderfulness. Every morning I sit on the throne and slowly sip a wonderful warm liquid made from slightly over roasted jungle beans. It really is the best part of waking up! BUZzzz…

Can’t be without

Since I need pods for the coffee maker, I wanted some Folgers. It has a great smell and taste, especially in this very cold weather. Nice and convenient

i would give my 7 year old sister this

this product is the best tasting non messy coffee ive ever had id say im gonna keep using it