Mexican Altura Coatepec - Fresh Roasted

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Fresh Roasted - Mexican Altura Coatepec

Available in 16 oz., 2 pound and 5 pound bags.
  • This fine Mexican coffee is noted for its overall balance, delivering a consistently smooth taste, fragrant flavor, with good body, depth, and balance.
  • We carefully roast this Altura medium - to augment its smooth, mellow characteristics. Watch carefully for the hint of a sweet undertone hiding in the finish.

Mexican Altura proves its country of origin should be renowned for more than just delicious food. Just in case you were wondering, altura means ‘heights.’ Grown in the rich, volcanic soil high in Mexico’s central and southern mountain ranges, this varietal exemplifies its lofty name. These quality beans brew a smooth, righteously high-caliber cup and feature a nutty flavor reminiscent of silky, roasted hazelnut. Mexican Altura is sure to shoot you to the heights of coffee heaven!

Product Name: All Day Gourmet Coffee - Fresh Roasted - Mexican Altura Coatepec

Roaster: All Day Gourmet

Item Code: 4266

Customer Reviews

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N. Paul
Great Espresso

I loved it! We’ve been doing espressos with it and the crema you can get out of it is really good.