Bravo (French Roast)

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Coffee isn’t meant to be mediocre or bland.
It's meant to be Bravo.

Our Bravo French Roast is a dark-roasted coffee with an intense flavor. A classic traditional blend of french roast as can be found in the south. 

A blend of medium-dark roast coffees from Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala produces a light aroma of cocoa, flavors of warming spices and a lingering tobacco-like finish. We slow-roast all 100% Arabica Beans in small batches which adds to an authentic French roast (dark) flavor profile.

We recognize that our brave soldiers serving in harm’s way is a special sacrifice which is why we have committed that a portion of every dollar will be used to support our troops.

Product Name: Bravo French Roast

Manufacturer: Coffee USA

Item Code: 4983

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
mitch johnson
Great Coffee…

This coffee is rich and respectably solid simply like I needed. Amazingly content with it and the service was extraordinary!

Yara Villani

This is by a long shot my preferred tasting coffee up until now. I generally pick organic, and I'm upbeat that it originates from little ranchers, and I decide to confide in the cases of no shape. I do have issues with yeast abundance, and I haven't seen that this coffee exasperates it in any way. Completely fulfilled!!

George Fred
My Favorite Flavor!

This one is my top choice. I'm on my third pack now. On the off chance that you are carrying on with the keto life; give this espresso a chance...I anticipate it each morning!

Nicola Carey
French Press

This was an aspect of a blessing to my child. He got back from an outing to Paris, craving about the awesome coffee he had there. I purchased this coffee to oblige the French Press I bought from espresso and he loves it.

Laura Harris
You can notice a difference

Let's be honest it's not generally that simple to transact to one coffee from another. Not in the event that you were me at any rate. Anyway this was insightfully less bitter yet more grounded in flavor than my past coffee.