Nicaragua Washed Peralta Estate Green Coffee Beans

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Department: Nueva Segovia

Municipality: Dipilto

Community: Comarca La Laguna

Producer: Roger Peralta

Processed: Fully Washed

Variety: Caturra & Catuai

Elevation: 1150 - 1300

Cupping Notes: Brown Sugar, Anise, Jasmine and Nutmeg Spice


Roger Peralta and his family have owned this beautiful 80 hectare farm since 1920.

Finca La Argentina lies on the mountainous slopes of Nueva Segovia. From their farms you get a spectacular views of the surrounding forests and mountains of Jicaro and San Fernando.

Roger’s nephew, Julio envisioned a sustainable future for Nicaraguan coffee through the export and promotion of individual micro lots. He encouraged his family and fellow farmers to explore new ways of growing coffee and passionately believes his country possesses the complex conditions and technical facilities needed to create extraordinary flavors in the cup.

As a result of this dedicated approach, there are now several of his family farms working to produce distinct characteristics by marketing individual lots as opposed to mass producing for export. In recent years several of the farms involved in this practice have been award winning at Cup of Excellence competitions.