Normandy (Italian Roast) Coffee

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This Italian Dark Roast has a rich, full-bodied yet smooth taste and is characterized by a classic, medium-dark Roast (never bitter or burnt like other Italian Roasts.)

Our secret, specialty blend creates an intensely rich and flavorful tang associated with great Italian coffee. Truly a magnificent and versatile coffee.

We recognize that our brave soldiers serving in harm’s way is a special sacrifice which is why we have committed that a portion of every dollar will be used to support our troops.

Product Name USA Normandy

Manufacturer Coffee USA

Item Number 5089

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
S. Molly
Can't live without it!

Italian Roast awakens me up, does not upset the stomach and is superbly fragrant and never ever bitter.

Charlie Lole
Even better than Sumatra!

This was great. I got the Sumatra last time, and it was great, yet this was surprisingly better and goes amazingly well in my coffee maker. Tastes truly fresh

Five Stars

Now this what I call COFFEE

M. Gris
Will be back for more

Extraordinary Dark Roast Coffee, I like a rich dark coffee. I'm on my third order now and am truly making the most of my morning coffee.

Preferred the Italian Roast

TBH. As a matter of fact, I should state that I like the Italian roast better than the French roast. The smooth, rich, strong flavor begins my free day right.