SouthCom (Costa Rican) - Light Roast

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SouthCom is a mission ready and trusted partner that works collaboratively to ensure the Western Hemisphere is secure, free, and prosperous.

A mild light roast offering delicate floral and nutty notes in every sip.

Costa Rica has the best tasting coffee you can find on planet.  People travel from far and wide to experience the beauty of Costa Rica’s beaches and savor our delicious foods, but it’s our world-renowned coffee that keeps them coming back for more.

We recognize that our brave soldiers serving in harm’s way is a special sacrifice which is why we have committed that a portion of every dollar will be used to support our troops.

Product Name USA SouthCom

Manufacturer Coffee USA

Item Code 5263

Customer Reviews

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Fran Wilson

This coffee is smooth tasting and lightly roasted. It works great for a simple morning cup hot or iced. Iced it’s not that strong, but for the price, it’s worth it to have 2 cups. I recommend it, and will purchase it again!

Billy Borden
A true acidic light roast

We've chosen this light roast to drink daily. Light roast isn't bitter, even when it's strong, just like we like. Light roast has a caffeine boost that isn't found in medium or dark roasts. It's a quite robust, enjoyable daily coffee.

A one Blend

This coffee is so good! The smooth taste and extremely fresh! It even shows the date when it was roasted! The coffee beans have an amazing aroma! No more Starbucks for me! Can't wait to try out some of the other coffee options!