Sumatra - Single Cups

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24 Count Box
96 Count Case

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        • All Day Gourmet Sumatra is a dark-roasted, full-bodied coffee with spicy and herbal notes and a deep, earthy aroma.
        •  Explore the complex flavors that thrive in the dense mountains of Indonesia. A deliciously dark body conjures a heady aroma of brown sugar and warm spices for a bold, sultry experience.
        • ROAST: Medium roast, 100% Arabica caffeinated coffee.
        • 96 Count Case with 8 Boxes of 12 Count Single Cups.


        Product Name: All Day Gourmet - Sumatra - Single Cup Capsules
        Manufacturer: All Day Gourmet
        Item Code: 7892


        Customer Reviews

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        Unique character

        Sumatra's unique character sets it apart. It's not just a coffee, it's a conversation starter.

        Are you brave enough for the boldest brew in town? This coffee dares you to take a sip!

        Calling all coffee connoisseurs with nerves of steel and taste buds of titanium! This coffee isn't for the faint of heart, it's a flavor challenge for the truly adventurous. Bold, intense, and with a complexity that rivals a Shakespearean sonnet, it's an experience for those who appreciate the finer points of a truly strong brew. But here's the secret: beneath the surface of this caffeinated beast lies a surprising smoothness, a symphony of rich, dark flavors that linger long after the last drop. So if you're tired of the same old boring brews, take a chance on this coffee – it might just change your life (or at least your morning routine).

        aromatic adventure

        The aroma alone is worth the experience. Drinking this coffee is like embarking on an aromatic adventure.

        These k-cups are a flavor fiest! (and your wallet will thank you!)

        Calling all coffee lovers who crave a bold adventure without breaking the bank! These K-Cups are your new BFFs, packing a punch of flavor that'll leave your taste buds doing the salsa. Rich, dark, and bursting with personality, they're like a rock concert for your senses, all for a price that'll make you sing with joy. So ditch the boring brews and grab a mug – this flavor fiesta is waiting to rock your K-Cup world!

        perfectly roasted

        The roasting level is spot-on, enhancing the coffee's natural qualities without overpowering them.