Super Caffeine Coffee (Dark Roast)

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Our mission was to develop the world’s strongest coffee with "Super Caffeine".

Mission Completed

We’ve spent a long time sourcing the world’s finest Robusta coffee beans and fine-tuning the roasting process to ensure every cup of "Super Caffeine Coffee" delivers maximum caffeine levels without compromising taste. The Coffee USA roasting facility is located just outside of Fort Chaffee, Fort Smith, Arkansas.

We recognize that our brave soldiers serving in harm’s way is a special sacrifice which is why we have committed that a portion of every dollar will be used to support our troops.

Product Name USA Caffeine

Manufacturer Coffee USA

Item Code 5324

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nutty with a slight sweetness

Great flavor. I like it better than Death Wish. Super caffeinated coffee tends to be kinda bitter, this one wasn't. If I'm being honest, I only bought it because of the high caffeine in it to keep me going. If the price stays the same, I'll continue to purchase this.

Bill Mcclure

I love this new super caffeine coffee.