White Bear - Original Cappuccino - 2lb Bag

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Case of 6 2lb Bags
2 lb Bag

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White Bear Cappuccino - Original Cappuccino - 2lb Bag

  • Instant powdered cappuccino mix
  • Creamy and rich with great aroma, flavor, and froth
  • Each Pack contains 2 pounds of instant cappuccino mix
  • Creamy-sweet cappuccino coffee, no added flavors

Original Instant Cappuccino Mix

Powdered, 2-Pound Bags

 Great for use in Cappuccino Dispensers
 Can also "scoop and mix" for cappuccino drinks at home
 Simply mix with hot water for a delicious cappuccino drink

 Each pillow pack = 2 pounds of premium quality cappuccino mix
 Each pillow pack yields approximately 32 - 8oz cups of cappuccino