About Coffee Racks

Alex Nikitin

In most cases, these coffee racks are universal. They can hold any brand of airpot. Others are designed specifically for a certain design or brand of coffee pot. For example, there are Bunn branded coffee racks that fit their airpot. Sure, these coffee racks are universal but they do work best with the Bunn brand of coffee airpots.

One of the nice things about these coffee racks is that they are very easy to maintain, so your coffee service area will always look nice. The racks are made of lightweight, corrosion resistant materials that allow you to quickly mop up any spilled or dripped coffee with a wet sponge.  Each of these coffee racks also have a sponge lined tray for added convenience and easy of maintenance.

Of course, the nicest feature is the space saving design of the coffee racks. Rather than have coffee airpots strewn about on a counter, you can keep them all neatly arranged in a central space, making these coffee racks ideal for offices, conference rooms, hotel lobbies, restaurants or meeting halls. Simply set up the universal coffee racks wherever you need them and slot the airpots into the spaces provided. 

To make it easier for your customers to find the coffee of their choice, you can put a sign on the front of each, so if you have decaf in one, regular coffee in another and a couple flavored coffees in airpots in the back rack, your customers can quickly and easily find the coffee of their choice. The elevated levels also allow your customers to easily reach an airpot in the back without having to move any of the airpots in the front around.

Best of all, you can easily set up multiple coffee stations in a neat, confined space. If you have a lot of traffic, you can even get two racks and have up to a dozen different coffees available. This allows you to stock up on regular coffee during slow times so that you have plenty of coffee when the morning rush arrives and you have other duties to attend to.

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