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Alex Nikitin

Single-Serve Coffee Making

Curious about pods and single-serve machines? They are  the newest way to make coffee, and since you only make it one cup at a time, it's always hot and fresh. The machines use a pressurized water system that speeds up the brewing compared to the traditional drip system. It's almost a cross between an espresso machine and a drip machine.

It means you can get your cup of coffee in a matter of seconds rather than standing around waiting for several minutes. Not to mention that there are no loose grounds to handle, either before or after brewing.

Anyone who drinks coffee throughout the day and wants an easy way to make a fresh cup each time, should look into single-serve machines. And Java One pods are perfect because they are compatible with so many different kinds of machines, rather than being usable by only one.

If you're looking for Java One coffee pods, higher-end grocery stores may carry them or you may have to find some online retailers who sell them. Depending on the type you are buying, they are usually sold in boxes of 56 pods. Boxes with 14 pods are also available.

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