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Alex Nikitin

How to Choose the Right Coffee Machine

It isn’t difficult to find information on how to choose the right coffee machine, but when you are serious about your brew you’re going to want to ask yourself these important questions:

  • Who (and how many) will drink the coffee?
  • What kinds of coffee do the drinkers prefer?
  • When will the coffee be consumed and how often?
  • Where will the coffee be consumed?
  • Why will the coffee be consumed?
  • Brands of Coffee Brewers

    Brands of coffee brewers vary in style, function, and quality.  Get the most coffee bang for your buck by choosing the coffee brewer that best suits your budget and brewing expectations.  Varieties range from low profile to super sleek and super simple to high tech.  Bunn, Hamilton Beach, and Mr. Coffee are some of the most popular brands available. 

    Best Coffee Brewers

    The best coffee brewers are defined by what you expect in a coffee machine, and coffee brewing has taken on different styles over the years.  With pods, k-cups, and other single use coffee makers neither time, money, nor variety have to be sacrificed.  By simply placing the individual pod or k-cup into the filter and pressing a button, the roast style and flavor of coffee you want is available on demand. 

    Single serve coffee makers can simplify your morning and eliminate wasted carafes of coffee left to scorch on automatic drip burners.  Most coffee connoisseurs look for sleek, steel single serve coffee makers.  Plastic devices are also designed to yield that high-tech sleekness we crave for our kitchen counters.  The water reservoir may be internal or external.  Look for easy to clean dishwasher safe parts, especially when it comes to the coffee grind basket and automatic drip system. 


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