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Alex Nikitin


It doesn’t take a scientist to tell you that you become just a little happier as a human being when that first whiff of coffee reaches your brain via your nose.  It does take a scientist to tell us that 900 chemicals made up that complex smell.  It doesn’t take many of those 900 chemicals to send messages to your brain via your olfactory nerves that say, "Wake up and start your day!"

Psychological Benefits

Whether it is the ritual of brewing and drinking coffee, the arousing smell, or the comforting warmth of the beverage, something about the act of making and drinking coffee makes us feel better. 

Researchers continue to ask lots of questions about the health benefits of coffee.  What is clear is that you can get the most health benefits from coffee by drinking it only in moderation.  So raise your coffee mug high in the name of science, and take comfort in the fact that something so delicious to drink is also good for you.

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