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Alex Nikitin
There are many benefits associated with loose leaf tea. Some of these benefits include the health benefits as well as the environmental benefits and cost savings. When you use loose leaf tea you can infuse the tea leaves repeatedly, up to five times on average. This means that you are able to enjoy the tea repeatedly without having to invest fiscally in additional loose tea leaves. Another benefit of using loose tea leaves is that you do not have to worry about paper bags or other waste material. This adds to the environmental reasons for using loose leaf tea alongside the fact that there is less manufacturing and shipping waste created during the process of refinishing and producing loose leaf tea for mass consumption.

Healthwise, loose leaf tea can bring balance to the body and mind by reducing fatigue and relaxing the muscles. You can aid your digestive system and blood flow with certain types of tea. Green tea, for instance, acts as a natural cleanser of toxins in your body.

Tea leaves can be boiled in water in an effort to enjoy the many flavors, aromas, and sensations they release. Tea of all kinds originates from the Camellia sinensis, an evergreen plant common to sub tropic regions. From this, there are four main types of varieties including Assam, China, Cambodia, and sub-varieties from China and Assam. Most loose leaf tea that is harvested is done so at the level of three to four feet. From these four regions there are over twenty five hundred varieties of tea, based upon the region, soil, farming craft, and weather conditions. Once it is refined, the finished product fits into one of five categories including Pu-erh, White, Black, Oolong, or Green tea. When there are fruit infusions or botanicals included, they are referred to as tisanes.

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