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Alex Nikitin


Yet another type of antioxidant, scientists are now taking a careful look at flavonoids.  They are comparable to vitamins A and E, and are said to be even stronger.  As the scientific evidence emerges on flavonoids, look for more information about their cancer and cardiovascular-disease fighting capacities.


What do Alzheimer' disease, certain cancers, and weight loss have in common?  A type of antioxidant known as polyphenols is believed to be associated with fighting all three.

Scientists believe that antioxidants support our immune systems, prevent cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.  Drinking tea may protect your bones as well. Many people use tea to help them to lose weight. Those who are trying to cut back on caffeine often switch to tea as a yummy substitute.  Teas also aid in helping a person feel sleepy.  Psychologically speaking, tea just makes us feel good inside.  You can see why tea has been a part of the human diet for so long!

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